Most of us have seen LED light bars, although we probably didn't actually take much notice of them. The most notice we would take would be if a police officer wanted to get our attention to pull over. LED light bars are used not just on police vehicles but you will see them on military vehicles, fire vehicles and medical vehicles. There are some municipal and construction vehicles that will have some form of lightbar on them also. Light bars are multi functional lights and that’s important in today's budget tight world.

There are more professionals who would need LED light bars than the obvious first responders. Rescue vehicles, breakdown vehicles, tow trucks, security vehicles and many others could have legitimate need for a light bar somewhere on their vehicle. The light bars on the market today are incredibly sophisticated and versatile units and even just a single light bar can contain a tiered arrangement of lights in different colours, with different lighting incorporated such as strobes and beacons. The main reason any vehicle would need any LED light bars fitted is for safety. The lights show other road users the vehicle is approaching and needs to pass. Flashing lights will also allow the first response vehicles to clear traffic to get to a priority call. Light bars warn and inform as many of the units have traffic advisor sections. When you see flashing lights at the roadside it's an indication you need to leave plenty space to pass and you need to slow down.

The functions of LED light bars are varied and they can not only warn but also serve as a deterrent for those who see them that are up to no good!LED light bars come in such a range of sizes that they can be fitted just about anywhere on a vehicle. Internal light bars are becoming more and more popular as they can be an excellent safety feature for first response personnel. A bright LED light shining outward from a vehicle means the people inside the vehicle can’t be easily seen, thereby reducing the potential for them being targeted by weapons.

It's hard to appreciate the versatility of the light bar units unless you have seen them in action. Why are LED light bars so popular? Probably the main reason is they have a multitude of uses and functions. Light bars mainly serve a safety need when they are fitted to vehicles and no first response vehicle should be without them. Lighting crime scenes, advising traffic, pulling over drivers, warning of stationary vehicles and guiding the public are all functions of light bars. The light bars have taken over the role of emergency lights for vehicles and they are very effective at what they do. Don't leave safety to chance. Choose the correct light bar for your vehicles today.